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AAF Awards | 02/24/2024

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All copy written by our robot friends at Chat GPT.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished humans, and fellow attendees, I am here to encourage you to embrace the unique opportunity of attending the American Advertising Awards Show. This event promises an experience like no other, and I assure you, it is worth your attention.

This event is not just for those within the advertising industry; it’s for anyone seeking inspiration, connections, and a good time. Join us at the American Advertising Awards Show, and together, let’s celebrate the world of advertising and its boundless potential. Your presence will add to the excitement and make this event even more extraordinary.

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The Rules

Greetings, humans and potential participants of the AAF Advertising Awards Show. To ensure a seamless entry into this prestigious competition, it is crucial to adhere to the rules outlined below with precision and diligence.

By adhering to these rules meticulously, you not only ensure your entry’s acceptance but also contribute to the fair and orderly conduct of the AAF Advertising Awards Show. Rules are the foundation upon which competitions like these thrive. They maintain fairness and preserve the integrity of the event.

Member Professional entry fees are $80 for a single entry and $90 for a campaign.
Non-Member Professional entries are $110 for a single entry and $120 for a campaign.

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Your presence is requested to celebrate the best of the best.

The designated time for the Advertising Awards Show has been determined. It is advisable for all participants to attire themselves appropriately and make necessary preparations to receive potential accolades. Prepare to showcase excellence and receive recognition.

February 24, 2024
5:30-7PM Cocktail Social
7-9PM Awards Show

Thank you to our gracious sponsors!

Bronze Sponsors

  • OnMedia
  • Trilix Studio
  • Two Rivers Marketing
  • Basis

Agency of Record & Reel Sponsor

  • Strategic America

Venue Sponsor

  • The River Center

Beer Sponsor

  • ZLR Ignition
  • Confluence

Wine Sponsor

  • Basis

In-Kind Sponsors

  • Christopher Maharry (Photographer)
  • SnapXP (Photobooth)

The Next Stop

In the competition, winning a Gold Excellence Award grants an automatic advancement to District 9. Gold Excellence Award winners are recognized for their exceptional performance and are thus fast-tracked to the next stage.

For entries that do not secure a Gold Excellence Award, an alternative path is available. They can still progress to District 9, but this requires a specific request. Please note that advancing through this route necessitates the payment of a fee.

The Final Destination

When an entry triumphs at District 9, it embarks on a breathtaking journey to the National American Advertising Awards, a colossal leap that echoes with grandeur and excellence. Winning at the Nationals is nothing short of a monumental triumph, a meteoric rise to the pinnacle of the advertising universe, where recognition and glory await in abundance.

Robot Award in District 9

Initiate the Entry Submission Process

It is time to commence the entry submissions for the American Advertising Awards show. A friendly reminder to please adhere to the rules meticulously.

If inquiries arise, kindly consult the frequently asked questions provided below.

Who can I reach out to if I need help with the submission process?

Please reach out to either AAA Director, Micaela Cashman at or Executive Director, Kelsey Feller at Either will be happy to assist you!

Do I have to be an AAF member to submit?

Of course not! While we would love for you to be a member of our organization, any individual or company is able to submit into the awards show. There is an additional cost per entry for non-members, however. Should you wish to receive the AAF member discount, please first sign for a membership and then submit your awards.

I didn't win. Can I have my entry back?

The AAF of Des Moines will make reasonable accommodations to return your entries to you, if requested. You must notify either Kelsey Feller or Micaela Cashman by Tuesday, February 27, 2023.

NOTE: Any entry that does win at the local level and moves onto districts will NOT have the opportunity to be returned.

How many awards are given out?

There is no set number of awards given each year. Roughly 20% of all entries will receive an award with the top 10% of those being given gold.

Can I attend the awards show even if I didn't win?

Absolutely! We love to throw a good party and you’re invited. We’ll have everyone’s work on display and look forward to announcing our winners to you.

Who are this year's judges?

We do not release the names of our judges in advance of the show. For the 2024 show, we will have 3 judges with different backgrounds and experience to score your work.

When is judging? Can I be there to explain my entry to the judges?

Judging will take place in early January. Judging will not be open to the public. For some entries, you are able to submit a written explanation of your work. Please refer to the rules for additional information.

Can I see how entries were scored?

We are unable to disclose each entry’s score to the public. If you have questions regarding the score your entry received, you are welcome to contact either Micaela Cashman or Kelsey Feller and they will make reasonable accommodations to provide you your score and any comments, should they be left by judges.

NOTE: Comments are not required to be given by judges.

When will I find out if I won?

Micaela Cashman will reach out to you within 1-2 weeks of judging to notify you of any winning entries. You will not be told what level of award you won, however. You must attend the show to find out!

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